Choosing the right infant car seat

A baby car seat specifically designed for newborn babies (up to 13kg and 7-9 months) is a must if you are traveling a lot with your baby in the car! There is a WIDE range of such car seats available on the market and the following is our buying advice.

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First and foremost, it is critical to buy (or rent) an infant car seat that has been tested and approved, i.e. it must be E-approved and preferably also plus tested.

The next step is to make sure it fits your car. Is the seat belt long enough if you need to strap in the car seat, or do you have a base that the car seat clicks onto? The base is either strapped in with the seat belt or fastened with IsoFix. Check out available options.

Will you need to carry the infant car seat a lot? Its weight can vary significantly and the heavier the baby gets, the heavier the load. The shape of the handle is also important. Make sure it is ergonomically comfortable without the baby in the car seat. Remember that you are not allowed to carry an infant car seat at all if you have had a C-section. If so, it is both comfortable and practical to have an infant car seat on wheels. It is also practical if you have limited space in the boot of your car.

You may already have picked a car seat that can be attached to your pram. If not, check whether the infant car seat can be fitted to the pram chassis using a base. This is very handy when you just need to quickly pick up something from the supermarket.

Does the car seat have a built-in sunshade canopy? This is really practical for protecting the baby from sun rays in the car or when you use the car seat on a pram chassis.

Many baby accessories are handed down or sold onwards. However, the recommendation from NTF (the Swedish National Society for Road Safety) is not to buy baby car seats that are older than 5 years. It is better to rent one than to buy an old second-hand model. Finally, some very important tips. Make sure to install the infant car seat correctly! Always read and follow the user manual and if you are unsure, ask the shop attendant to show you how to fasten it. If you decide to have the infant car seat in the front seat, ensure to disable the airbag of the car.


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