Build baby and mum with the right food

Do you recall the food circle and the food pyramid? Great, they are as timely now as they were when they were first launched. Especially when you are pregnant – make sure you get nutrition from all food groups. You might need a quick review: fruits and veggies, potatoes and root vegetables, bread/flour/grains, fat, milk and cheese, and also meat/fish/poultry. Every day, that is.

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Build baby and mum with the right food
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At the beginning of your pregnancy, it’s vital that you get extra folic acid, which is naturally occurring in leafy greens, beans, cabbage, fruits, and berries. It’s a good idea, though, to take supplements when you are pregnant if you are unsure about the amount that you should take. Other things that are good to fill up on are iron, calcium, and omega 3-fatty acids, which in turn promote the blood, the baby’s skeleton, and brain.

Fish and protein are important building blocks for a future strong and happy baby, especially protein, which is one of the body’s actual building blocks. Both your bodies, to be precise. Your body’s need for protein increases by about 10-15 grams compared to before. So buy the highest quality protein you can afford and get started. And when it comes to fish, avoid raw, cured, and freshwater fish, so go for farmed fish instead.

Lastly – some quick advice

Try to eat as regularly as possible: three proper meals per day as well as three snacks containing some of the foods mentioned above. It’s a solid foundation for a good and nutritious diet for both you and your baby. Remember, moderation is key: eat moderate-sized portions and if you are hungry or craving something, try warm broth or tea with your night sandwich, it’s more filling than you think.

Enjoy your meal!

Swedish Food Agency

Source: Swedish Food Agency