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To not gain any weight when you are pregnant is neither possible nor desirable. You must gain weight when you are expecting a baby! But how many kilos? Some women gain over 30 kilos and lose it again once the baby is born, whilst others gain 10 kilos but keep a couple of mummy kilos afterwards. This has partly to do with your genetic preconditions, partly with how much you eat during your pregnancy – and what you eat. The simple rule is that it’s almost the same when you are pregnant as when you’re not. Move every day, a walk is enough, and eat regularly. Be careful with sugar and make sure your diet consists of veggies, proteins, and a reasonable amount of carbs. It’s not correct that you should “eat for two”; your body only needs about 300 calories extra per day, which corresponds to some fruit or a sandwich. Of course, this depends on which pregnancy week you are in; at the end of your pregnancy, you might require some extra calories when the baby is growing and getting bigger.

It’s important to remember to be kind to your body during your pregnancy. Take care of yourself and realize your limitations – this will reduce the stress and both you and your body will benefit from it – as will your baby! Try to find your own food harmony. You’re more than welcome to have a piece of chocolate every now and then. Chocolate in moderation with a minimum of 70% cacao increases the body’s level of the signal substance serotonin and is connected to our wellbeing. Treat yourself to something you long for and crave, just remember the balance. If you have cravings and have a very bad case of a sweet tooth, try to satisfy your desire in moderation and combine food with exercise.


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