Sleepy after meals? Always craving something to eat?

It is probably your blood sugar that’s on a roller coaster ride. Eat frequent, small meals during the day, and focus on healthy food with low GI (glycemic index).

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Sleepy after meals? Always craving something to eat?

Low GI will stabilize your blood sugar levels at the same time as your weight will be under control (although you will gain weight during the pregnancy!). Below, mums will find some great tips for good healthy eating and they also apply to your partner!

Eat plenty of

  • vegetable
  • fruit
  • dark bread
  • whole-grain products

Avoid overeating

  • sweets
  • cookies and pastries
  • white bread

Preferably eat

  • less and often
  • cooked meals rather than e.g. sandwiches

Approximately three per cent of the population has a mild form of celiac disease i.e. gluten intolerance, without knowing. Eating too much bread can lead to pregnancy nausea, fatigue, and sugar cravings.


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