Those enormous cravings

“Cravings” is the widely recognized word describing the pregnant woman’s desire for food. What are you craving? Marshmallows, onions, or maybe soil…?

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Those enormous cravings

They don’t really know what is the cause of this phenomenon, but perhaps these enormous cravings have something to do with the adjustments happening in the body. Things change temporarily but dramatically – possibly including even the taste buds. Sometimes, the cravings are linked to morning sickness, you just crave something that alleviates the discomfort. It could also be fluctuating blood sugar levels that mess things up and make you crave fruit or sweets. The cravings could also be because the body needs supplements of various nutrients and thus signals a craving. In extreme cases, the body could express its desire in very odd ways. This is called the pica syndrome and is characterized by an appetite for substances you normally don’t eat, such as clay, cement, mortar, or soil. This phenomenon is said to exist all over the world but those stories are possibly more urban legends than the actual truth. Ice is another favourite.

Cravings are particularly common during the first 20 weeks although some women may have cravings throughout the entire pregnancy. As with many other things, this differs from person to person. Eat and enjoy the food with common sense when you are pregnant and try to parry your unhealthy cravings with healthier options.


Written by Preggers