Which baby carrier is best for you?

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Are you lost in the jungle of baby carriers with their multi-adjustable straps, miles-long wrap material and everything in between? With the wide range that is available today, it can be tricky to figure out what is actually best for you. There are myriad brands and models. We are taking a closer look at the offerings from the Ergobaby brand. Come along!

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Which baby carrier is best for you?

Currently, Ergobaby has five different baby carrier models and one baby wrap. Let’s go through the models chronologically.

It all started 17 years ago, in 2003 when Ergobaby’s first model – the Original – was released. The Original allows you to front carry, hip carries or back carry. You can carry babies from about 5.5kg up to 20kg, and even newborns with an infant insert added.

The Original was sold for a long time until the next model was released in 2014. That’s when Ergobaby launched its first front-facing baby carrier – the 360. Just like the Original, the 360 allows you to carry babies from about 5.5kg up to 20kg, and newborns if an infant insert is added. The main development is that you now can carry the baby front-facing from 5-6 months of age. If your child is somewhat older and you want a baby carrier that offers all carry positions, then the 360 is a slightly cheaper option than the next model – the OMNI 360.

The following year the focus turned away from baby carriers, as the Aura baby wrap was launched. Aura is an easy-to-tie baby wrap in soft and cool fabric, designed to carry newborns and babies up to 11kg. The baby wrap is a popular choice, particularly when the baby is really little, and you want to be extra close.

Back to the baby carriers! The next release, the Adapt model, came in 2016. Compared to the predecessors, Adapt allows you to carry infants with no infant insert needed! Just like with the Original, you can front carry parent facing, hip carry or back carry but with even more adjustable settings for optimal personal fit thanks to a smart Velcro closure that adjusts the seat width and makes the baby carrier grow with your baby.

The following year, 2017, saw the introduction of Ergobaby’s best-seller – the OMNI 360. OMNI 360 has all the best features of its predecessor. It has all the carry positions, just like the 360 models (hence the name) and can be used for newborns, just like Adapt. It’s an acknowledged baby carrier that has won several awards, most recently Bäst i Test 2020 (a Swedish product reviewing service).

Last but not least, we take a big leap forward to September 2019 and Ergobaby’s launch of their very latest product – Embrace. Embrace is a baby carrier for the time right after birth. It differs in many ways from earlier models in that it is a combination of a baby carrier and a baby wrap and is designed to be used from the baby’s very first days of life.

That’s all the five models. Did things become clearer, or are you still thinking? The best thing to do is try them out. All baby carriers are different and different people have different preferences. A useful tip, regardless of which Ergobaby model you choose, is to wear it high. It should be worn higher than you might think. More at waist level than at the hips. That way, the weight rests on your waist/hips where you have good strength, rather than on your shoulders. It also positions your baby in an ergonomic frog position, meaning a slightly rounded back with the bum below the knees.

Here you can do a test to find out which baby carrier best suits your needs.



Written by Ergobaby