Can I take a bath when I'm pregnant?

Harmful or not, myth or truth? Yes, you can take a bath, in a bathtub, pool, or outside – take the chance to mix “business” with pleasure!

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Can I take a bath when I'm pregnant?Photo:Preggers

It can be wonderful to take a bath when you are pregnant. It’s a simple (and inexpensive) way to feel weightless for a while. Getting into the water outdoors can be refreshing and can cool you off. In winter, a warm, soothing bathtub can provide wonderful relaxation. There are no objections to taking a bath in the sea, lake, pool, or bathtub just because you’re pregnant. The only time you shouldn’t take a bath is at the end of your pregnancy if your water has broken, as there’s a risk of infection.

Previously, pregnant women were deterred from using the jacuzzi during the entire pregnancy. This is because there are quite a lot of bacteria in the warm water and you are more sensitive to thrush infections and urinary tract infections when you are pregnant. Some scientific studies show that very warm water should be avoided during the 12 first weeks of the pregnancy as the fetus might possibly be affected by the heat, but there are no specific guidelines for this. Nowadays it’s up to you what you want to do. If you are concerned about bacteria, pee after your bath. And if you have a congested nose, swimming in saltwater can provide great relief and work as a natural nasal spray.

Swimming is a great form of exercise for pregnant women where you can mix “business” with pleasure. When you’re pregnant, it's also nice to sit in the sauna and it’s not harmful either. It’s even easier for the body to regulate the body temperature in a sauna than in a bath, as you are sweating. If it gets too hot, you just leave the sauna to cool down. Trust that you can feel for yourself what is good for you and your baby; common sense goes a long way. If you feel worried and insecure, just talk to your midwife.

Source: Swedish Health Care Guide

Swedish Healthcare Guide 1177

Source: Swedish Healthcare Guide 1177