Got pigment spots?

When the hormone levels get higher, the risk of pigmentation increases. Tip — exfoliate!

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Got pigment spots? Photo:Preggers

Pigment spots, so-called hyperpigmentation, are very common when you are pregnant. It is caused by the changes in the hormone balance: the hormone levels rise. If you’ve had pigment spots in your face before, you might notice that the spots are getting darker and more distinct during your pregnancy.

To get rid of pigment spots, or at least mute them, try exfoliating, meaning removing dead skin cells. One way to do this is to do a mild peeling on a daily basis, which might make the spots less visible. Be sure to protect your skin from the sun. UV protection is a must, as the sun's rays trigger hyperpigmentation. SPF is often a component of day creams and foundations. You can both cover up and protect by using good products. Exfoliating prepares dry skin and allows softening and hydrating substances to penetrate the skin more deeply. At the same time, new cells are stimulated to wander up to the skin surface where they help preserve moisture.

As hyperpigmentation is often caused by the body’s hormonal changes, you can expect the spots to go away, or at least fade considerably, within three months after giving birth. Be patient and look after your skin!


Written by Preggers