Having mood swings?

It’s not unusual to be worried, nervous, or scared during the pregnancy. Your mood might go up and down. Questions and thoughts are occupying your mind, and you might not even want to be pregnant anymore? Or you might freeze up when you remember that you are terrified of giving birth?

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Having mood swings?Photo:pixabay.com

You need to discuss these two questions with your midwife and your partner – and be clear that you want to be taken seriously. There is something called Aurora-clinics, specializing in fear of childbirth (contact your closest maternity clinic for more information).

And if you feel that the difficult days are way too many, you should mention this to your midwife and your partner as well. But in most cases, you’ll feel better over time; responsibility and self-confidence will come with everything new you learn. You can’t learn everything at once. It’ll come.

And when it comes to mood swings? What’s happening? Hormonal fluctuations, that’s what’s happening. It’s more obvious in the beginning. Because that’s when a lot of things are happening in your body. Wouldn’t it be strange if you didn’t notice it at all? The pregnant woman’s mood probably affects the partner as well so it’s important you both know what is happening, that it’s completely normal and it will get better with time!


Written by Preggers