Healthy, fit, and strong

There are many good reasons as to why you should work out when you are pregnant. Here are some.

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Healthy, fit, and strong

If you exercise when you are pregnant, your body will maintain a more stable blood sugar level, which also reduces the risk of pregnancy diabetes. It’s also easier to maintain your weight, which in turn makes it easier to continue exercising the heavier you get: a positive ripple effect in other words. You get fitter and sleep better, which reduces the risk of depression during and after the pregnancy. It also makes it easier to resume exercising when the pregnancy is over.

When you exercise, your bowel movements benefit as well. Your tummy feels better and the risk of constipation is reduced. Physical activity makes you less swollen in general, you have a better posture and thus a stronger back. Exercise also reduces the risk of thrombosis and increases the chances of a complication-free delivery if you are in good shape.


Written by Preggers