3 clever autumn layers – Dressing your child for autumn

Autumn can be a delightful time, albeit with unpredictable weather. One day, there's the sun accompanied by a pleasant autumn warmth, and the next day, there's rain, chill, and cold. Dressing your baby for autumn presents a minor challenge. Here, you'll find tips on 3 clever clothing layers that work well for the autumn season.

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3 clever autumn layers – Dressing your child for autumnPhoto: Preggers

Layering is highly effective as it allows for easy adaptation of attire based on the whims of the weather. During autumn, wind and humidity can make it feel colder than the temperature reading displayed by the thermometer or weather app. Some children also have a higher natural warmth, so you'll need to experiment to find the clothing that suits your child best during autumn.

By touching your child's neck, you can determine if your baby seems too warm or cold. Or just right. A warm and sweaty neck suggests that you can remove a clothing layer, while a cold neck indicates the need for a warmer layer. Hands and feet are often a bit colder than the rest of the body, so remember to keep them warm.

If you envision 3 layers as a guideline, you can more easily discover the right autumn attire for your baby:

  • Autumn layer 1:
    The first layer can be a two-piece set or a soft overall. On cold days, wool is excellent; when it's warm outside, cotton works well.

  • Autumn layer 2:
    A warming second layer is great when it's chilly out. Consider items like a garment, blanket, or fleece-lined stroller bag (not windproof fleece).

  • Autumn layer 3:
    As autumn grows truly cold, a third layer in the form of a windproof fleece overall with foldable sleeve and leg cuffs is perfect. Pair it with a windproof helmet hat with ear flaps that cover the ears.

Extra blanket and hat

It's easy for a hat to come off without your notice; keep an extra one in the stroller, and you'll be prepared. An extra blanket also comes in handy if the temperature drops and autumn winds pick up. Booties and mittens are also good to have on hand; winter will be at your doorstep before long.


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