Girl or boy?

No, it can’t be predicted. But according to old wives’ tales, certain signs predict the gender of the child. What do you think?

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If the child's heartbeat was more than 140 beats a minute, then it was a girl. It was also a girl if the mother had morning sickness throughout the first three months of pregnancy. If she didn’t have any morning sickness at all (and if she was strikingly beautiful) then it was a boy. On the other hand, boys could set off headaches. Boys craved salty and protein-rich food and they caused their mother's dry skin and gave her beautiful hair. Girls made their mothers crave sweets while their skin became softer than normal and their hair became lifeless. Mothers of girls were said to become more emotional than mothers of boys, and they slept on the right side with their heads in a south-facing direction. If the belly was high and round, it was a girl, while a low and protruding belly meant it was a boy. If a boy was on his way, then the mother grew more hair on her legs and her feet got cold easily.

We can now safely say that nothing of the above has been statistically proven and that it's all tall tales. Still, however, many people are guessing the gender of the baby by looking at the shape of mum’s belly and whether she feels nauseous or not. Right or wrong? You can decide for yourself, but one thing is certain. No one can ever be sure of the sex of the child until he/she has been born (unless you have chosen to be told during medical examinations, obviously)!

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