Not ready to tell anyone yet?

There are of course many reasons why you don’t want to tell anyone that you just got pregnant. And of course, it’s up to you to decide how and when you want to tell. Want some advice on how to hide the big news just a bit longer? Here are some great excuses for when you want to keep your secret to yourself just a little bit longer.

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Not ready to tell anyone yet? Photo: Preggers

We start with perhaps the most difficult challenge – throwing up in secret at work. Try to find that “secluded” toilet and open the tap to its maximum. Or perhaps you’re just a bit nauseous and tired? Look for things to do, run errands (fresh air!), go to the bathroom one more time, check the printer and go to the kitchen to get a risk.

And when you are at a party, fill your glass with something that looks like a drink, beer, or wine and starts mingling. Nobody will notice anything. But don’t forget that you can actually say no. Sometimes we don’t feel like pretending.


Written by Preggers


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