Length: 11 cmWeight: 100 g

Baby development

I'm still a tiny specimen and can fit in the palm of your hand. But my abilities are amazing!

Despite my small size, I can now coordinate my movements. This is a result of my working nervous system and the responses of muscles to my brain's reactions.

I have plenty of space inside the uterus and can kick, spin around and perform somersaults, I'm great at those. But despite my vigorous gymnastics routines, it might still be difficult for my mother to feel my movements, because the amniotic fluid is sound-proof. But they will be visible on an ultrasound. Any foetal movement at this time of the pregnancy feels like the fluttering of a butterfly and is reminiscent of bowel movements. It’s only after some time into the pregnancy that mother might realise that she felt my movements within her, without really understanding what those were.


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