Length: 48.7 cmWeight: 3000 g

Baby development

I am now considered fully developed, with the focus right now being to pile on the pounds with extra fat.

Most children are born between week 38 and week 42. Maybe it's time for me to make an entrance!

The weight and length of a newborn child depend on several factors. Genetics and gender play a part, but the length of pregnancy makes a huge difference. The longer the time spent in the mother’s belly, the bigger I’ll be. At the end of the pregnancy, I grow at a rate of 1 cm a week and increase by about 150-200 grams over the same time.

On average, boys usually weigh slightly more than girls do at the time of birth. They also tend to be a little longer. At the end of a full-term pregnancy, that is, 40 full weeks, boys weigh 3.6 kg and girls 3.4 kg. Girls tend to be about 50 cm long on average and boys about 51 cm. However, it’s worth remembering that we are all different and it is by no means abnormal to be below or above those measurements!


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