Find the perfect changing bag! The checklist all parents need

Nappies, baby wipes, formula, baby food, dummies and extra clothes. There’s a lot to fit into a changing bag. So, what should you consider in order to choose the best model? This mini-guide provides the best tips.

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Find the perfect changing bag! The checklist all parents needPhoto:

1. Size

Finding the right size is important. Do you have one, two, or three children? How much stuff do you normally carry? Does the bag have to go on to a twin or sibling pram? Make sure to buy a changing bag that suits your family’s needs.

2. The model

In what situations will you use the changing bag? A changing bag with a long shoulder strap is easy to hang over the handlebar on the pram and/or carry over the shoulder when you’re on the go or out shopping. A changing bag with short straps works well in the shopping basket, and a backpack is perfect for travelling with extra packing.

3. Material

Fabric or leather? Changing bags come in many types and styles nowadays. The important thing is that you take good care of it. A leather bag can be weather-sensitive and needs regular waterproofing. A bag made of fabric gets dirty easier but can be machine-washed.

4. Storage

Good exterior and interior pockets, as well as side pockets, make it easier to keep things organized.

Tips! A toiletry bag is great for storing dummies and ointments, for example.


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