Christening presents for the newborn baby

When a little child comes into the world, a christening, welcoming, or naming ceremony is a lovely way to celebrate and welcome him or her. As a relative or family friend, you will certainly want to give the child a gift. As a parent, you may get questions about suitable presents. Here are some suggestions for christening presents to give or to put on the wish list.

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Monthly savings

Ask for or, as a gift, set up monthly savings for the child, with a small sum that can grow over time. You can open a savings account now and add the child as the account's beneficiary. The account owner can then decide when the child will have access to the money.

Personal birth poster

A personalised birth poster is an appreciated gift. What is better suited to a christening, welcoming or naming ceremony than a poster that praises the child's name and birth? Choose from different styles designed by well-known illustrators at Born This Day.

Classic children's books

Picture books with stories that we remember from our childhoods are lovely to receive and pass on. Fantastic story books are always a hit, especially when you write a personal inscription on the front cover.


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