If you want to hide your bump - here are some tricks

Some women want to hide their bumps when they start to show. It's entirely your choice, but there are lots of tricks and nice outfits that have space for your growing bump and hide it from the outside world. Here are our tips.

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If you want to hide your bump - here are some tricksPhoto: Preggers

It's common for your bump to begin to be visible from week 12, but before that, you might feel a bit swollen and need different clothes to feel comfortable. If you don't want to show your bump you can easily find stylish garments and create fashionable looks while staying comfortable and hiding your secret.

Best outfits to hide your bump

Lots of women start wearing maternity clothes between weeks 12 and 16. It's about six months until you give birth and you need stylish clothes that you can sit down, lie and move around in.

You can get some basic garments early that will be perfect:

  • Pregnancy tights
  • Pregnancy trousers - wide and tapered legs, give your bump room but look like normal trousers from the hips down.
  • Oversize tops, cardigans and dresses – fashionable and don't show what's underneath.
  • Oversize shirts or tunics.
  • Pregnancy bra - breasts tend to grow a bit during pregnancy, so a good maternity bra can be bought early.

Fool the eye

Here are some style tips that will help you hide the bump for a little while longer and that you can use throughout your pregnancy:

Polo shirts and pussy bow blouses

A bow blouse or polo shirt will draw the eye up and away from your stomach. Wear under oversize jumper, dresses or sleeveless jumper and you'll get a stylish and smart outfit.

Print and colour

Creative and interesting patterns attract the eye to the details of the garment instead of to the stomach. Choose clothes that are patterned all over for the greatest possible overall impression - the expressive pattern deceives the eye and hides the bump.

Lots of fabric and draping

Wrap designs, draping with a lot of fabric, as well as asymmetrical cuts can confuse the eye and make the stomach blend into the whole look and become part of the garment.

Accessories and hair

Short necklaces, scarves, earrings, glasses and exciting hairstyles can help shift the focus from the bump to your head instead. A stylish bag can also do the trick - carry it in your hand instead of on your shoulder where it will be at the same level as your bump.


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