The best and the worst

– with expecting a child!

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The best and the worstPhoto: Preggers

Being pregnant is no bed of roses… Sometimes you need to be reminded that it’s totally fine to admit that some parts of the pregnant life suck. We wouldn’t mind skipping out on the worst parts of expecting a child. Like nausea, it’s horrible to feel seasick week after week in the very beginning, argh! That hopeless feeling when you have to go to the bathroom every fifteen minutes every night, sigh. Heartburn and acid reflux, eew. The annoying special treatment like we’re ill, come on! The Braxton Hicks contractions, worrying how everything will go… help!

But thankfully, the positives outweigh the negatives. A perhaps surprisingly positive experience is that the focus is transferred to someone other than ourselves, in a completely new way. It creates a strong feeling of meaningful presence, and we realize that life is not just about career and performance. The external life needs to take a step back in favour of the internal and the tiny, tiny life in our belly becomes greater than everything else. It’s almost difficult to grasp. Being able to follow the fetal development week by week and slowly begin to understand in-depth that now everything is changing … is big. To feel the first kick, proving that this is reality, is amazing. You are carrying life’s greatest gift!


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