Length: 2.7 cmWeight: 5 g

Baby development

Woohoo! The embryonic period is over! The tail is gone and I am now called a foetus.

Most of my organs are now developed, but they need to grow further to develop their full functionality.

The amount of amniotic fluid has increased, allowing me to move around freely. It’s still too early for my mother to detect my movements, but I’m in full flow working on my muscles as I kick about in her belly. The amniotic fluid also helps me maintain moderate temperatures and protects me from external bumps and jolts.

My nerve cells are developing very intensively this week. My eyes have also slowly begun to settle into their rightful positions from the side of my head. In my stomach, gastric juice is produced and the kidneys are producing urine. If I am a boy, I have begun to produce testosterone. If I'm a girl, millions of eggs are created between weeks 10-11.


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