Length: 1.9 cmWeight: 2 g

Baby development

My eyes have got eyelids, the ears are in place and my little nose has become a lot more pronounced.

Even my fingers have grown out with the webbing between them almost gone. This week also sees the development of an important muscle — the diaphragm. This will make it easy for me to breathe later. My liver, spleen and bile also surface whilst my heart is fully developed. It’s an exciting time.

Internally, my genitals, that is, my ovaries or testicles, are formed, but external genitalia look the same. I still get some nutrition from the so-called yolk sac, but the placenta is slowly taking over that role. Once it no longer performs a function, the yolk sac will slowly wither and disappear.

The placenta will act as an extra organ since my lungs, intestines, liver and kidneys aren’t fully developed yet.


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