Length: 4.8 cmWeight: 14 g

Baby development

Yawn... That's right, I can yawn now! I can also suck and swallow.

Little hair follicles have begun sprouting up to protect my skin, and nails have begun to feature on my fingers and toes. My facial features are a lot more prominent and I can furrow my brow and make cute little faces. What a sight! The heart pumps blood into my fully functional organs, including the umbilical cord which transports blood and oxygen via the placenta. All my nutrition goes through the placenta now, so my mum mustn’t forget to think about what she eats and drinks.

Fingers and toes are now separated and I have got my fingerprints! The genitals are beginning to take shape and now slowly reveal my gender. I think I am a … no, I don’t know. However, the pituitary gland that is in the brain is now starting to produce hormones.


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