Mothers development

You’ll soon be able to let go of any lingering fears of a miscarriage. By the end of the week, the risk will have dropped significantly.

If you haven’t shared the news with friends and family, now might be the time to do so, or you could choose to wait a while longer. The choice is yours. You are likely starting to overcome the feelings of moodiness you previously felt and are now a lot more upbeat.

If you have previously considered prenatal testing to uncover any genetic anomalies, this might be the time to follow through with that. Prenatal testing involves some blood tests and an ultrasound and it is conducted to investigate the likelihood of a possible chromosomal aberration in the foetus. As far as prenatal testing is concerned, it is important that you carefully consider why you want to do this and what the likely consequences would be depending on its outcome. Discuss it with your potential partner and midwife before making any decisions.


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