Length: 43 cmWeight: 2000 g

Baby development

I've been quite tired lately and spend most of my time sleeping, 90-95% of the time.

Mother can be a little concerned if she doesn’t feel me moving around as regularly as before but my movements should not decrease in quantity or strength, on the other hand, they may feel different as it begins to get crowded in here. Instead of my obvious karate kicks or buffs, she can instead feel powerful pressure or as if I'm stretching. If she is worried about my well being, she can always contact her midwife or hospital so they can perform a checkup.

Mother's activities influence my behaviour and my activity levels are controlled by what, and at what times, my mum eats, what she does with her body and the sounds around us both. I am now in a growth spurt, and my protein and fat needs will be especially high in the coming weeks. My mother must eat a healthy and balanced diet so we both receive the nutrition we need.


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