Length: 44 cmWeight: 2200 g

Baby development

I’m now preparing for delivery.

If I haven’t already gotten into position, I will do so now by nestling into my mother’s pelvis. My brain is growing rapidly and my head is much larger in circumference. But my skull will not be fully formed at birth. Thanks to the fontanel or soft spot, the shape of my head can change and be adjusted during delivery to facilitate a smooth birth.

My nails are fully grown and can be long when I'm born. Therefore, I may get my very first manicure in the maternity ward to ensure I don’t end up hurting myself. A nail file or clippers could be one of the things you add to the hospital bag.

Thanks to my mother's antibodies during pregnancy, I have been able to build my immune system. However, I'm not completely resistant to diseases in the beginning and will need to be protected from infections once I am outside the womb.


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