Height: 0.1 cmWeight: 0 g

Baby development

The egg has now travelled down the uterus and nestled in the mucous membrane. This could lead to the mother experiencing a little bleeding, so-called implantation bleeding.

It's quite normal and not in the slightest bit dangerous. She may believe it to be a little menstrual bleeding if she doesn’t yet realise she has me in her belly.

The foundation for the future child (me!) has now been laid and an intense division of cells is now underway. Contours of the basic structure of what will later become my digestive system, my blood vessels and lungs can now be seen. The placenta has begun to take shape, yet all the nutrition comes from the so-called yolk sac.

Despite the intensive activity within the womb, my mother probably doesn't realise she is pregnant yet. Unknown to her, I’m well on my way.

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