Time to buy a pram? Below you’ll find some mistakes you want to avoid!

You may have had a look around, only to feel completely lost, realizing what everyone has been talking about – it’s a jungle out there. Take a deep breath, sit back and relax, and read our guide about the mistakes you want to avoid when shopping for a pram.

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Time to buy a pram? Below you’ll find some mistakes you want to avoid!Photo: reirei.se

Make sure the pram you choose is safe, tested, and approved under the European standard EN 1888 (SS-EN 1888 in Sweden). The standard outlines various tests and certain minimum requirements the manufacturer must fulfill for the pram to be deemed safe.

Don’t get hung up on the bassinet. It’s only used for a very short time in the beginning. Most parents swap it for the pram seat after three to six months. Put more focus on the pram seat as it can be used for up to two to three years. Make sure it’s comfortable, spacious, and reversible. And don’t forget the canopy – it must protect from both sun, wind and snow.

The pram basket – the bigger the better! There is no such thing as a pram with a basket too big. Check out how accessible the basket is with the bassinet in place. You don’t want to reassemble the pram every time you need something from the basket.

With the above ticked off, we need to consider the car. Does the pram fit easily into the boot or do the wheels need to come off? Detaching the wheels may not seem like a big deal, but that is not the only thing to consider. There must also be room for all other necessities with the pram stowed into the boot. If you travel by car often, then it can be a good idea to buy an infant car seat that easily “clicks on” to the pram chassis, with or without an adaptor. That way you don’t need to wake the baby when getting in or out of the car. Read more about infant car seats and car seat bases/travel systems here.

If there are two of you who will push the pram on a regular basis, then both of you should do a “test drive”. You may spend more time than you think pushing the pram, and it’s important that you both feel comfortable regardless of how long your walks are. Ensure that the handlebar is at the right height, even when you walk fast. You don’t want to be kicking the basket when you stretch out your steps.

Pushing comfort is determined largely based on the wheels; air, foam or plastic wheels, swivel wheels or fixed wheels, three or four wheels? This is when personal preference comes into play. Try to get a feeling for what you need. An easily manoeuvered pram may be best if you live in an urban environment, where you need to make narrow turns. If you live in the countryside and walk a lot on uneven grounds, good suspension often makes the walks more comfortable.

Don’t forget to measure the lift in your building! Realizing that the elevator is 3 centimetres too narrow is a real bummer! When you finally have decided on which pram to get, don’t forget to check the delivery time. You don’t want to stand there with no pram when the baby has arrived. That will only make life stressful and limit your chances of spending time outdoors.




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