Reduce the risk of listeria and toxoplasma

Information from National Food Agency, Sweden

Here is some advice that can further reduce the risk of being infected by listeria and toxoplasma:

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Reduce the risk of listeria and toxoplasma
  • Keep chilled foods cold, preferably at +4°C in the refrigerator.
  • Gravad, smoked fish and sushi: eat newly made or newly packaged products. Check the packaging date.
  • Do not eat raw meat. Mincemeat, poultry, lamb, pork and game should be well done.

  • Avoid sliced sandwich fillings and cold ready-made food towards the end of their best-before date.
  • If you want to eat dried, cold smoked or gravat meat, such as parma ham or salami – freeze it for three days before you eat it.
  • Avoid cheese made from unpasteurised milk. Also avoid mould ripened or washed rind cheese even if it is made of pasteurised milk, for example brie, gorgonzola, chèvre, vacherol and taleggio. Cheese used in cooking that has been heated until it is bubbling is quite safe to eat.

  • Wash your hands before starting to prepare food, between different raw ingredients and after working in the garden. Wash the cutting board and cooking utensils when switching between different types of foods.
  • Wash fruit and vegetables.
Swedish Food Agency

Source: Swedish Food Agency