Go for a walk or do some shopping in the city? These are the items you ALWAYS need to have handy.

Nappies and wipes. There are going to be a lot of nappy changes, not least during the first days and weeks with your newborn. That’s why you need to be prepared when you are on the go. Remember to pack freezer bags for the safe sealing of used nappies, in case you can’t find a waste bin close by.

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Go for a walk or do some shopping in the city? These are the items you ALWAYS need to have handy.Photo: Preggers

A clean set of clothes

Your baby will inevitably drool or spit up, and the nappy will leak. That’s when you will be glad you brought a clean set of clothes. Make sure to always pack some extra clothes when you go out.

A muslin wrap

A thin cotton blanket is very handy. Use it to wipe off drooling, or as a comforting blanket in the pram. You might even use it as a shield when you breastfeed, creating some peace and comfort around the baby when they’re feeding.

Small washcloths

The small washcloths in terry fabric will come to your rescue if your baby vomits, or when you need to quickly wipe off your hands.


Make sure to keep a few dummies in the changing bag and the pram, so you have them on hand when panic breaks lose.

Smart zipper bags

Corn puffs and wafers will keep your child occupied. Pack them into zipper bags and keep everything nice and tidy while also keeping the food fresh.

Fun toys

Rustling fabric books and squeaky toys are great to have at hand. Babies love playing with them in the pram or when they feed.

Your own snacks

You are going to take many long walks with the baby in the pram. Snacks like fruit, nuts, and water are great to handle sudden drops in blood sugar levels.

Mobile charger

You might be listening to a podcast while your baby is sleeping and then your battery suddenly runs out. A mobile charger or a power bank is a must.

Tip! Don’t forget hand sanitiser. Perfect to clean both hands and toys.


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