Be pampered – book in for a SPA treatment

When you are pregnant, looking after yourself has a new meaning. Make sure to pause, relax and be well. How about a SPA treatment, is that okay?

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Be pampered – book in for a SPA treatmentPhoto: Preggers

In the past, there have been split views on whether SPA treatments are suitable for pregnant women or not. Today, however, most SPA facilities have staff with special pregnancy training and you can safely immerse yourself in wonderful SPA treatments. It can be truly reinvigorating and feel perfectly extravagant when you're tired and worn out. Make sure to ask if staff are trained and knowledgeable about what type of massage and treatment is suitable for pregnant women.

Other ways to relax

Have a beauty treatment, a manicure, or a fresh new haircut. Do something you really like. Enjoy a mix of body and beauty care, entertainment, time with friends, and outdoor experiences. Find your own feel-good activities. Take a walk in the woods, read a book, attend a pregnancy gym class or a yoga class, go to the movies, enjoy a pedicure or leave for a weekend away with a friend.

Treatments you should stay away from

Jacuzzis with powerful jet streams stimulate circulation in the body and can cause premature contractions, so leave those for later. Also, avoid detoxification. Everything called something “detox” has a draining effect that is not what you want when you have several weeks left to deliver.

Don’t tan at solariums as it can cause permanent change to pigmentation. Further, some research findings point to a connection between UV light and folic acid degradation, which in turn can cause spina bifida in the embryo at the beginning of the pregnancy.

SPA menus can often include a few hard-core treatments, such as e.g. hot masks. These can promote too much circulation - and you're probably already hot enough …

The same is true for seaweed baths which are cleansing and can increase circulation sharply, with severe perspiration as a result.

To keep in mind

If you are prone to urine infections, then you need to be careful with warm and salty spa treatments.

More gentle treatments, such as eyelash- and eyebrow tint or a mask may be just what’s needed. It can be really wonderful (and important) to feel pampered when you’re expecting!


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