Mothers development

Your night's sleep is likely to be affected a lot at this stage. Your dreams get a lot more colourful and are punctuated by pee breaks.

You’ll most likely also feel the baby's movements now. If you don’t or feel very little, contact your midwife or hospital. It may feel good to know that a child born this week has the opportunity to survive with the help of neonatal care, but we hope that the baby will stay in the belly for a while.

Your blood sugar level is checked once or more during pregnancy. One to three per cent of all prospective mothers suffers from so-called gestational diabetes – high blood sugar levels during pregnancy. If you have a genetic predisposition, the risk is slightly higher. If you are affected by diabetes during your pregnancy, it usually disappears after delivery. Contact your midwife if you are pregnant and think you have too high a blood sugar level.


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