Suggested names for your baby

What happens when a child receives a name? Besides the obvious – you have to come up with a name that you like and that might suit the new little person. Maybe you have had an idea or a favourite name for a long time, or maybe you have no idea and need some suggestions. Here's some advice and inspiration!

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Suggested names for your babyPhoto: Preggers

Choosing a name for your child is no easy thing. What's more, today there are more and more names to choose from. In some ways, it was easier in the old days, when children received names that had been in the family for generations. Today we have a huge treasury of names that only grows, with ever greater variation, so it can be difficult to decide what name to give one's child. But that also makes it exciting and fun!

Advice and inspiration

If you feel lost, you can get some help from the"Name suggestions"tool. If you're connected with another person in the app, you can help each other, come up with ideas, and create a list of favourite names together.

Idols and celebrities

As soon as a name becomes famous, its popularity rises. These days, celebrities have a big influence on baby names. If you want to name your child after your idol, that can also work. For example:

Sports names

Zlatan, Ibra, Ronal, Wayne, Luis, Marion, Tiger, Anja, Figo, Marta, Elena, Foppa, Zäta, Freddie, Kenny, Kim, Ingo, Ara, Venus, Serena.

Actor names

Sienna, Jude, Julia, Sean, Ashley, Kate, Lindsay, Edward, Leonardo, Tobey, Noomi, Meryl, Pierce.

Old film stars

Audrey (Hepburn), Ava (Gardner), Clark (Gable), Elizabeth (Taylor), Humphrey (Bogart), Jean (Harlow), Errol (Flynn), Marlon (Brando), Vivienne (Leigh), Inga (Tidblad), Gunnar (Björn-strand), Gunn (Wållgren), Ingrid (Bergman), Greta (Garbo), Georg (Rydeberg), Mimmi (Pollack), Viveka (Lindfors), Jarl (Kulle), Nils (Poppe), Harriet (Bosse), Gösta (Krantz), Margareta (Krook).

Artist names

Indigo, Jade, Gold, Olive, Ruby, Silver.

Music names

Britney, Jimi, Justin, Frank, Cornelis, Ray, Tracy, Benny, Björn, Jussi, Marvin, Bruce, Ella, Iggy, Malcolm, Björk, Osbourne.

Names from the 1920's, '30s, and '40s

Bertil, Britta, Ture, Stig, Arne, Ingegerd, Karin, Åke, Rut, Sture.


If you like food and candy, perhaps one of these names can work for your child:
Saffron, Chutney, Calamari, Kokos, Cayenne, Chili, Thyme, Kelda, Tikka, Hallon, Smultron, Candy, Mazarin, Polly, Pepsi, Melony, Ginger, Aioli, Oliver, Sushi.

Place names

If you want to go with a "love name," the baby can receive its name from the place where the actual conception took place. This was the case with Brooklyn, David and Victoria Beckham's son. Here are some more suggestions: Havana, Texas, Paris, Rio, Medina, Lima, Stockholm, Visby.


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