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All women and all breasts are different - and when you breastfeed, your breasts change. Finding the right size and style of nursing bra is important, as the breasts not only change size but can also be sore and feel heavy. Here are our tips to help you make the right choice.

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You might feel your breasts are already changing shape while you're pregnant. That's because the body is preparing for breastfeeding. You should get a well-fitting, comfortable bra immediately that supports your breasts.

A good fit is important

When trying on your nursing bra, adjust the shoulder straps and check that they fit snugly. Bear in mind that the elastic at the bottom of the bra will stretch. Stretch your arms, lean forward and move in slightly different ways, then you'll feel if the bra is comfortable and provides good support. Make sure the cups don't wrinkle or slide down - if they do then the bra is too big. If the cups cut into your breasts, the bra is too small.

Buying a bra during pregnancy

If you choose to buy a nursing bra at the beginning of your pregnancy, you should use the innermost hooks first and then adjust the bra with your growing breasts and body. You can test the bra by placing a hand inside the cup and feeling that the bra is flexible enough in size and that there is room for breastfeeding inserts. Choose a bra that is smaller if it rides up at the back.

If you get your nursing bra at the end of your pregnancy, you can use the outer hooks first or get a bra extender. The bra's circumference can be reduced later.

Choose breathable material

For obvious reasons, a nursing bra gets slightly damp, so choose a breathable material. Materials that contain a mixture of elastane and polyamide usually work well. Elastane is a polyurethane fibre that is very elastic and can withstand chemicals, sweat and breast milk.

Think function

Focus on the function when you're choosing a design. Your nursing bra should work lying down and sitting up. Check that the cups are easy to loosen and that you can open the bra with one hand. You should also make sure that you choose a bra with soft edges and wide straps that don't cut into your shoulders when your breasts become heavier.

Measure yourself so you get the right size

You can measure yourself so you don't get the wrong size. Measure where your breasts are biggest and hold the measuring tape straight. Then measure around your chest just under your breasts. Make sure you keep the measuring tape straight around. Ask for help if it's difficult.

You can also get help from the staff in your lingerie store, as they are experts in bra sizes and models. Try out the bra carefully so that it fits properly and check that its functions work for you. During breastfeeding, the bra must be easy to use as you will need to undo your breastfeeding bra many times a day, often with one hand because you have your baby on the other arm.

Night and day

During the day, it's nice to have a stretchy nursing bra without underwiring and seams, but it still provides good support. If you want to be able to breastfeed in places other than at home, it can be good to have a bra that has fold-down cups, so you can breastfeed anywhere, easily and discreetly.

At night, you can use a soft and comfortable nursing bra made of a material that breathes, and with cups that hold the nursing pads in place.

When you've found a day model and a night model that suits you, you should buy at least two of each, so you always have a clean and fresh nursing bra.


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