Hold on to your hat.

With such a tiny frame, the baby's little heart is working overtime, about 110-160 beats per minute (compared with ours, which is between 60-80 beats). It’s been said that if you’re lucky and place your ear to the pregnant belly you should be able to hear the baby's heartbeat. However, it isn’t something recommended by midwives this early in the pregnancy since there is a risk you may not hear anything and it may cause unnecessary worry. So save it for visits to the midwife instead.

Now might be a good opportunity to book a preventative healthcare course ahead of the delivery date. Given that your partner is likely to be feeling much better, this will also be an added opportunity for you two to spend more time together. Perhaps a walk, an exercise session, a yoga course or doing nothing at all might be worth taking advantage of at this time. Anything goes as long as you enjoy each other's company.


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