Length: 0.7 cmWeight: 0.5 g

Baby development

I’m the size of a blueberry! On the outside, it might still be hard to see me even with an ultrasound since I’m tucked deep inside my mother's pelvis.

However, with the use of vaginal ultrasound, the pregnancy might become a lot more visible. With it, one should be able to determine how far along she is as well as see my heart beating.

For every day that goes by, I look more and more like a person. The tail that was visible during the early stages of the pregnancy is almost gone, whilst my body and head are slowly protruding forward. There are two dark spots on my head where my eyes will be. Whilst they can’t be seen yet, my eye colour was determined at the moment of conception. Early formations of my nostrils and ears can be seen along with my arms and legs, which are a lot more visible. Small buds that will be fingers and toes have sprouted and I have begun pumping my blood.

When I speak of my (embryo) height, I refer to the length between head and tail. I say tail because my legs are bent inwards and not yet visible, making it hard to get an accurate reading of my full length.


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