Mothers development

Does your belly feel bloated and swollen? Do you feel constipated?

That might be down to pregnancy hormones causing your intestines to work slower than normal. A way to lessen these effects is to eat meals that are high in fibre, drink a lot of water, as well as exercise a lot.

Your blood volume in the body is now increasing so that you can nourish the fetus. This can lead to you feeling a bit dizzy at certain times, such as when you have been on your feet for too long or suddenly arise from a seated position. You might also have an elevated pulse, largely due to your heart working overtime to pump the high volumes of blood all over your body. The nipples may become more pronounced with your areola also turning several shades darker. Your blood vessels may also have become more prominent.

If you’re having problems squeezing into your pants, that would be down to the intestines swelling up (especially if it’s your first pregnancy). After a few weeks, you should have no problems fitting into them again… at least for a little while.


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