Preparing the pram for all four seasons!

Did you know that research shows that babies that sleep outdoors during the daytime sleep three times (!!!!) longer than when sleeping indoors? In this article, we help you prepare the pram, regardless of the weather. The baby should neither be too hot nor too cold.

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Preparing the pram for all four seasons!Photo: Preggers

A good base layer for both bassinet and seat is a sheepskin, which is both temperature-regulating and moisture-absorbing. A lambskin is cooling in summer and warming in colder weather. Some lambskins have been treated, so make sure to buy a lambskin intended for children.

Keep in mind

The canopy, the sides and the bassinet cover shields the baby in the bassinet, and the temperature inside can differ from the temperature outside. Buy a small thermometer and place it inside the bassinet if you are unsure of the temperature. You can also put your hand at the baby’s neck to make sure he or she is not too warm or too cold.


The weather can change quickly during autumn and it is therefore handy with layers making it easy to quickly adjust the temperature. Tips! Dress the baby in jumpers with front zippers, making it easy to open and release some heat if the baby gets too hot.

  • A woolen blanket is warming and breathable, unlike a fleece blanket. Buy a blanket that can be folded if you need double warmth.
  • The bassinet often comes with a cover and the seat sometimes includes a footmuff (best price here). These protect the baby from the cold and the wind. It’s a great extra layer over the woolen blanket.
  • An easy-to-clip-on rain cover that fits the bassinet or the seat and which opens quickly for good pram ventilation.
  • Gloves and warm slippers that stay in place (!!).


When the mercury drops below zero it’s important with proper pram bedding and warm clothes for the baby.

  • Get a warm footmuff. The footmuff insulates against the cold and there is no need to dress the baby in a winter overall. The footmuff is cozy and shields the baby well, including its head (still use a warm beanie though).
  • Depending on the temperature, it may be a good idea to add a thin overall to the wardrobe, for the baby to wear when inside the footmuff.
  • Thick woolen socks that not easily slip off and a pair of thick gloves that stay in place are recommended as a baby quickly gets cold feet and hands.


Like autumn weather, spring weather also changes rapidly, hence similar seasonal accessories and pram bedding can be used.

  • A warm woolen blanket. Preferably foldable to double thickness if needed.
  • A wool overall or a thinner fleece overall.
  • Those gloves and socks don’t easily come off when the baby kicks and moves around.
  • A thin cotton beanie that protects from the wind and the spring sun.


In summer it is important the baby does not get too hot in the pram. Monitor the pram conditions regularly and never hang a blanket over the canopy. Different sunshades and umbrellas with UV protection are available.

  • A breathable blanket for when it is warm outside. Babies love to sleep tucked in and a breathable blanket is good as it still provides good ventilation.
  • Thin sunhat protecting the baby from the sun rays.
  • Sunshade that fits your pram, such as a hanging shade or an umbrella. A tip is to buy a sunshade with UV protection.
  • An insect net that fits your pram so you don’t have to worry about wasps and other insects.

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