5 beauty tricks that always work

Whether you are pregnant or recently gave birth, some me-time can feel nice. Here are some beauty tips that will help when your hair and skin feel tired and dry. As a bonus: they're also kind to your body and to the environment.

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5 beauty tricks that always workPhoto: Preggers

1. Go for oil

In your hair, on your body, on your face – a nice oil will be your new best friend both during and after pregnancy. Rub the oil onto moist skin, right after a shower or bath – this will produce the best effects.

Tip! Pat some drops of oil on your face – this gives a lovely luster.

2. Say goodbye to dry lips

Do your lips feel dry and chapped? Use a dry toothbrush and brush your lips lightly – this will remove dead skin cells. Then, apply some moisturizing lip balm or oil.

3. Try a night mask

A facial product that works while you are asleep is perfect for those nights when you are extra tired. Massage a facial mask onto your face. You'll wake up with fresh, smooth, moisturized skin – perfect as a new step in your evening routine.

Keep this in mind! Remember to wash off the facial mask in the morning.

4. Don't forget your hands

Freezing temps, soaps, and washing-up. Yep, your hands have to put up with a lot. That is why you need to take a little extra care of them. Apply oil-based hand cream liberally on your hands (an amount the size of a walnut) and put on a pair of cotton mittens. It's a great idea to do this bed.

5. Give your hair a boost of moisture

It's a good idea to give your hair a moisture boost both during and after pregnancy. One way to do so is to sleep with a moisturizing hair wrap. Do as follows: Apply a hair wrap to newly washed, towel-dried hair. Comb it. Squeeze out the last bit of water – if you have long hair, you can braid it. Wrap your hair in a towel before you go to sleep – that way, you won't get the bed sheets wet.




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