Getting pregnant

Longing, hope, despair, or joyfulness - trying to get pregnant means for most people sharp throw between all emotions and thoughts. For some, it just happens, but the most common is that it takes about a year to have children. Here you can read all about, for example, fertility, ovulation, and in vitro fertilization. If you want to know as much as possible about getting pregnant, then you have come to the right place. Our experts help you get both emotions and facts in order - when you can not think of anything other than how much you long to have a child.

Getting pregnant

Ovulation Calculator


Wanting and being able to get pregnant is not always the same thing. Fertility means the ability to reproduce. There is a lot that comes into play for it to work, such as age and lifestyle. Here you can read about all the factors that affect fertility, and what you can do to help it on the way.

All about ovulation

Ovulation is a process in which hormonal changes cause the ovary to release egg cells. Ovulation is a prerequisite for you to become pregnant, it occurs every month about two weeks before your period. Here you get to know how to count - and everything else you need to know about ovulation.

Preconception health

Many things need to come together for a child to be conceived. Some are controlled by nature, but others can be influenced by you. Taking care of your body and health habits before you become pregnant can help you prepare for a healthy pregnancy. Here you'll find tips and advice on health, nutrition, and exercise to improve your chances of a healthy pregnancy.


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