Postpartum health for mothers

Postpartum means "after childbirth" and is often associated with health problems, such as postpartum depression. Postpartum problems can affect new mothers shortly after delivery in various ways. Here you can read about what happens "postpartum" and how you best take care of your body and well-being.

Postpartum health for mothers

Body and weight after childbirth

It is common to gain weight during pregnancy. Afterward, your body needs to recover from the heavy load that pregnancy entailed. Research shows that if you have not lost the weight you gained after one year, the risk of being overweight increases. Healthy eating and physical activity reduce the risks. In our guide, you get advice on good eating habits to feel good.

Relationships and sex after childbirth

Some get started with cohabitation quickly, but for many, it can take time and there are many other ways to have intimacy if you don't want to have sex right away. Don't stress and listen to each other.

Recovery after childbirth

Childbirth was probably the most physically demanding thing you have been through in life and recovery is a must. The body's rehabilitation after childbirth starts immediately and takes place step by step. There are a lot of things you can do to help your body recover faster. Here you get tips and advice on how to take care of yourself in the best way after labor.

Postpartum health for mothers glossary

Afterpains/afterbirth pains

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