Your pregnancy is a fact - you are having a child! Suddenly it feels as if the whole world has changed. And it has it - for you. The biggest adventure of your life has just begun. The mere thought of becoming a parent to a child can feel both unreal, a little scary, and amazing. You probably have a lot of questions and thoughts, and there will be more in the coming months. Here you get tips and information about everything that happens during your pregnancy. Read about pregnancy health and diet, about the baby's development week by week, what you can expect before the birth - and much more.


Beauty tips for pregnant women

During pregnancy, your body is affected in many ways. The skin often becomes dry and you probably need to add a lot of moisture. You can read more about that and other beauty tips, which are not just about appearance but above all about your well-being, here. You also get smart tips on what is good to have at home.

Products & shopping for your pregnancy

Never has the craving for shopping been bigger than now. Suddenly you discover a whole new world of products that are related to your pregnancy and the baby that is on its way. We help you with pregnancy shopping and guide you correctly. With our smart price guide, you can quickly and easily compare prices and products.

Training for pregnant women

Exercising and staying in shape is something we know is good for us. But during pregnancy, the conditions are a little different. Now exercise and training are important in a new way, it is good for both you and the baby in the womb. Here you can find tips and advice from our specialists in pregnancy training.

Termination of pregnancy

In the event of an aborted pregnancy, everything is turned upside down. Suddenly having to realize that nothing will turn out as you had hoped raises many thoughts, questions, and feelings. In the event of a miscarriage, it can be difficult to deal with grief and loss. Here you get advice and information about where you can get support and help.