The baby has arrived and the journey along with your newborn has begun. Life with an infant can sometimes feel a little overwhelming, but you will also experience the most amazing moments you have ever been through. Treat yourself to stay in the baby bubble as long as you need, and take in all the new ones. Here you can read about how your baby develops month by month and take part in everything that happens during your child's first year of life. You get tips and advice on things like feeding, playing, and lack of sleep - and other things that belong to baby life. Get inspired!


First time with a newborn

Your newborn baby has come! A bit incredible but also very concrete experience, now a whole new life begins. The first time at home with an infant is fantastic, but can also be quite difficult. Here you get tips and advice on how to take care of your baby for the very first time.

Products and shopping for your baby

Life with a baby offers many new experiences. But also many new needs - and almost endless opportunities for fun baby shopping. Here you will find our smart guide with complete checklists. You will get correct and effective guidance when shopping for your baby. In addition, you can quickly and easily compare different products with the help of our price guide.

Postpartum health for mothers

Postpartum means "after childbirth" and is often associated with health problems, such as postpartum depression. Postpartum problems can affect new mothers shortly after delivery in various ways. Here you can read about what happens "postpartum" and how you best take care of your body and well-being.