The man’s diet and fertility

A healthy and varied diet is an important part of fertility. Men can positively affect their fertility with good eating habits. Eat sensibly to boost the quality of your sperm. Our tips!

Eeva Itkonen

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Verified by Eeva Itkonen

Certified professional doula, midwife & nurse

The man’s diet and fertilityPhoto: Malte Helmhold on Unsplash

When you're trying to have a baby give yourself the best chance with a healthy diet. A few simple adjustments can improve your sperm quality. A balanced diet with lots of fruit and vegetables and the right amount of protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals is important. Different nutrients contribute to your sperm production, so you can positively affect your fertility with the right diet.

Here are some tips for healthy eating habits and how to positively affect your sperm quality.

Zinc-rich food

  • Turkey and chicken breast increase sperm production

Folic acid (folate)

  • Green vegetables, pulses (for example lentils), potatoes and oranges increase sperm production.


  • Fish, meat, eggs, and nuts are great for your sperm and testosterone production.

Vitamin B12

  • Milk and fish – good for sperm quantity.

Vitamin C, D, and E

  • Citrus fruits, vegetables, and berries, (vitamin C), oily fish (vitamin D), avocado, olive oil, and almonds (vitamin E) – keep your sperm healthy and mobile.

Omega 3

  • Oily fish like salmon and mackerel strengthen your sperm.

Cut down on

  • Alcohol– damages the cells where sperm is produced. Studies have shown that a third of all male infertility is caused by alcohol consumption.

  • Soya– exported soya is produced in an unnatural way and contains TVP protein which reduces the concentration of sperm.

  • Coffee– more than 800 mg of caffeine per dag reduces sperm concentration and amount of sperm.

Full and satisfied

Avoid sugar and swap simple carbohydrates for complex carbohydrates so you feel full for longer and your blood sugar is stabilized. Eat lean meat but make sure you get enough good fats from fish, nuts, rapeseed oil, and olive oil.

A balanced and varied diet is important for healthy sperm and male fertility.

Eeva Itkonen

Verified by Eeva Itkonen

Certified professional doula, midwife & nurse


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