Bumpies - Capturing Your Pregnancy Memories

Bumpies are a unique way of capturing your pregnancy journey - by photographing your growing belly instead of your face. With the Bump Booth tool, you can upload, edit, and add effects to your bumpies to create lasting memories of your pregnancy.

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Bumpies - Capturing Your Pregnancy Memories Photo: Preggers

Bumpies are a fun and creative way of capturing your pregnancy journey. Instead of taking a traditional selfie, you photograph your growing belly, which is known as a "bump." The term "bumpie" is a combination of the words "bump" and "selfie."

To take your bumpies to the next level, you can use the Bump Booth tool, which is located under the "Tools" menu. The Bump Booth is a feature-rich platform where you can upload your bumpies, apply various effects, and add different stickers to make them even more special.

When taking bumpies, it's important to keep a consistent style. Try to photograph your belly at the same angle, with the same background and clothes. This will help create a cohesive and visually appealing collection of memories that you can look back on for years to come.

In conclusion, bumpies are a wonderful way to create memories from your pregnancy. So, the next time you feel like taking a selfie, why not try a bumpie instead? You'll have a unique and creative way of documenting your journey to becoming a parent.




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