Maternity fashion tips

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Wow! Finally! The baby bump is starting to show – hurray! But how do you dress both comfortably and stylishly? That’s a challenge. Here are 6 useful maternity fashion tips that always work.

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1. Invest in a dress

A tight, long-sleeved dress will be your go-to piece of clothing during your pregnancy. A soft jersey dress is particularly kind to your tummy.

Tip! Think smart and go for a black dress – it works well for both everyday wear and at a party.

2. Try two-piece alternatives

A pair of soft trousers matched with an oversized shirt, or a pleated skirt with a knitted sweater? Combining two garments from your regular wardrobe is a great idea, as long as the skirt or trousers have an elastic waistband.

3. Choose wrap around

A wrap around cardigan is a practical piece that works perfectly as the bump grows. It is also a cosy garment to wear at the hospital, as it allows the baby to rest skin to skin under the cardigan.



4. Don’t forget the accessories

The simplest way to dress up is to add some accessories. A pair of eye-catching earrings or a statement necklace will refresh your look instantly.

5. The tights trick

Finding tights that stay above the tummy seems like a mystery. The best tip is to buy extra large tights and wear them back to front. That way they won’t slide down.

Tip! Wearing compression socks under the tights works great.

6. The rubber band trick

When you can’t button up your trousers any longer, use a hair tie. Put the elastic through the buttonhole and fasten the two loops around the button. Perfect when your favourite trousers don’t fit any longer.






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