Length: 6 cmWeight: 25 g

Baby development

I'm now fully developed to the point that my organs are now functional.

However, I still need to grow and mature to cope with life outside the womb when the time comes. My hearing is continuing to develop, but research has shown that we babies can at this time absorb some sounds thanks to receptors in the skin. By talking, singing, or playing music to me, even at this relatively early stage, my parents can begin forming a bond with me.

The intestines reach further into the abdomen and the liver begins to produce bile and the pancreas produces insulin. My neck has grown and makes it possible for me to move my head. The body is becoming a lot sturdier as the cartilage in my body is slowly being replaced by the skeleton. I’m growing at an accelerated rate and my body is trying to catch up with my head, which is larger than my body. During an ultrasound, you might see my hands on my face and or my thumb in my mouth.


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