Length: 26 cmWeight: 350 g

Baby development

Now it's also easier to measure me, from the head down to the heel.

Therefore, it seems that I have grown (quite) a bit, but instead it's just a new way to measure my length. My length and weight are still approximate.

Now all my organs are in place, but it will be many weeks before they mature and become fully functional. Up until now, my liver and spleen have produced all my blood cells, but the bone marrow has also begun to contribute to the production. My hearing and sense of touch are far advanced and if my mother is lucky she might notice my sudden jerks in her belly. My movements can help us slowly form a bond that will last a lifetime. Not to worry if you can’t feel me in your belly, as this could all be dependent on what position I am in. It may take a few more weeks before some mothers may feel anything. If you are concerned, simply contact your care provider.


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