Length: 41 cmWeight: 1600 g

Baby development

My organs are almost fully developed now, but it’s the lungs that take the longest time.

It’s starting to get cramped in the belly, with my mother probably noticing a change in the pattern of my movements. From being powerful, like blows or kicks, they are now more sweeping and dragging. However, the pattern of activity should be as frequent as before. If the mother is finding the stiffness of her belly too hard to bear, she can cause me to respond by nudging her belly or drinking a glass of cold water. That normally jolts me into action. However, if the mother remains concerned about my lack of activity, she can always contact the care provider or the maternity clinic for guidance.

At around this time, it’s normal for mum to start feeling that things are a little rough. After all, I am getting quite big. But there are still a few weeks to go.


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