Why should you have a footmuff?

A footmuff is both practical and smart and also comfortable and cozy for the child during autumn and winter.

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Why should you have a footmuff?Photo: Vinter & Bloom

Besides keeping the child warm enough regardless of weather and wind, it’s also very practical for the parent to quickly open and remove the upper part when entering a shop and ensuring the child doesn’t get too hot.

Smart details

Some footmuffs come with reflective seams which is useful during the darker autumn and winter seasons. Make sure the footmuff fits your pram, looks nice, and doesn’t easily get out of place. Also, make sure the footmuff has an opening at the bottom which is practical when shoes are dirty. Footmuffs with openings at the bottom have a longer life span as they can be used until the child is about 4 years old.


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