Don’t forget your dental hygiene

Hormonal change and constant nibbling affect your dental health during pregnancy. Make a dentist appointment!

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Don’t forget your dental hygienePhoto: Preggers

Do you experience any dental problems? It is not uncommon for pregnant women and there are different reasons why. Hormone change can impact your body’s response to plaque and cause inflammation, dry mouth, and an increased risk of tooth decay. Many pregnant women experience gum diseases that make the gum swell, ache and bleed. This is called pregnancy gingivitis and is similar to normal gum inflammation. If your gums are inflamed, you risk being too careful when cleaning your teeth, which only increases the problem. The best way to handle a changed immune system is to be extra meticulous with dental hygiene to avoid the risk of gum infection.

But you can’t blame everything on hormones. Problems with diminished oral health may also be due to eating and drinking more often, which you are supposed to do when you are pregnant. The constant nibbling makes it extra important to brush your teeth often and also to floss. Avoid sugar!

Nausea and vomiting can also affect your teeth. If you feel sick, toothbrushing can make you feel nauseous, which probably causes you to brush your teeth less often. This deteriorates oral hygiene, which increases the risk of caries, gum inflammation, and thooth loss. If you have been vomiting, do not brush your teeth straight away. Stomach acid can soften the enamel of the teeth and it’s better to rinse your mouth with water and then wait a while before cleaning your teeth.

Be sure to go to the dentist as soon as possible when you have become pregnant. It is advisable to examine and treat any tooth and gum problems. Remember, however, to let the dentist know you are pregnant.

Jenny Jansson

Verified by Jenny Jansson

Certified midwife


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